I have been following a plant-based diet for health since 2010 when I attended a series of nutrition & cooking classes called Food for Life through the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Studies have shown immense benefits from a plant based diet for heart disease, cancer, diabetes & many more health concerns. What is plant based? Fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds & legumes. With years of school & a Masters degree in nutrition, it only made sense to follow one of my favorite quotes, “Let food be thy medicine.” I have now received training & teach these same classes to patients weekly in a hospital setting. I have also completed Rouxbe’s Plant-Based Culinary Certification Program.

People often assume a plant-based or vegan diet is limited to salad, but they’re very mistaken. I love food, exploring creative ways to use plants in the kitchen, and experimenting with international flavor influences. My goal here at York & Spoon is to help people make the connection between our food choices & health, demonstrate how simple tasty food can be to prepare & inspire people to live happy, healthy lives. I produce weekly YouTube recipe videos as Your Vegan Punk Pinup, where I combine these passions with my love for vintage fashion & the pinup lifestyle. If you choose to follow in my footsteps, way to go! I will support you & help you make the transition.  Everyone could benefit from trimming some fat from the diet, increasing fiber intake & including more fruits & vegetables.

While adopting this diet was originally for health, in my learning journey, I came across information on animal agriculture I cannot (and do not want to) unsee. My compassion for all living creatures is the most pressing motivator for altering other aspects of my life including clothing choices & body care products. You will see product reviews at times of companies I believe in, especially when I can support local or small business.


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