Infused Waters & Hydration Tips


Happy 2015! While this year has started out with a couple bumps already for me, I am very optimistic about the opportunities it holds. While I advocate striving for your best, taking risks & constantly working to be your best you year round, many people find January 1st as a motivating moment to evaluate their goals. Statistics shows most people do not keep their New Years Resolutions, however I think they are lacking a plan. It’s easy to say “This year I’m going to quit smoking” or “I’m going to run a half marathon.” But what about the many steps in between? If drinking more water is one of your resolutions, check out these ideas for fruit infused water & tips on staying hydrated.

Many people limit water intake due to dislike of plain water. There are many commercial products on the market to flavor water, but most are sugar laden &/or full of other ingredients I avoid. Try one of these natural flavor combos to infuse a subtle flavor into your water. Make up a full pitcher & keep refilling until the fruit starts to look less than prime, or add directly to your water bottle.

– Any combination of lemon, lime & orange or any of them alone

– Raspberry & mint

– Watermelon & rosemary

– Strawberry & basil

– Cucumber

Other tips: Figure out how you like your water best: with or without ice, with a straw, very cold? ALWAYS keep water nearby, in the car, at your desk. There are some simple free tracking tool for smart phones to track your glasses per day to keep you accountable, or simply make dashes on your calendar.

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