Vegan Travel Snacks

I am lucky enough to be spending my birthday in Disney World this year. My Little Mermaid, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean & Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos may be a tip off that I’m a bit of a Disney fan. Here I share with you what I’ve purchased to pack with me. The benefits of packing snacks include having a backup when there may not be options, limiting time spent in food lines, saving money in the parks & ensures I’ll get enough protein & energy. I intend to be in the parks from open to close :)

Once I get there, I will find a super market to purchase fresh produce. I’ll be packing a loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread, peanut butter, instant oat packs & a refillable water bottle in our checked bag. I’ve also purchased one of each of the snacks below for each day.

Mamma Chia Chia Squeeze: A blend of fruit & vegetables purees & juices with chia seeds. 70-80 calories per pack & 2 grams of protein.

Primal Jerky: Comes in a variety of protein sources, seitan, soy, shiitake mushrooms. 74-108 calories & 6-11 grams protein.

Raw Revolution organic raw foods bars: Blend of nuts, seeds & natural ingredients with 14 flavors to choose from, ranging from 150-240 calories & 3-7 grams protein.

Gopal’s Power Wraps: Sunflower seed pate wrapped in nori & dehydrated in flavors such as Mexican, Curry, Japanese & Texas BBQ.  100 calories per wrap (2 per package) & 4-5 grams protein.

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